The work we do lasts longer if our patients and clients add certain products to their home care. Nutritional or food supplements feed you biochemically, Foot Levelers support your body orthopedically and the BEMER helps you regulate your electromagnetic body. These the products for sale in our office are to benefit our patients and clients. We are unable to support mail orders, except for the BEMER.

Feed Your Biochemical Body

Common allergens
common allergens

To supplement your nutritious meals and our nutrition and chiropractic practices, Dr. Margaret and Laura Knoff use only a few companies, whose food supplements we trust to give us the absolutely best results for our clients. We both attend seminars and study the use of these products for the conditions we find in our practices. Together we have more than thirty years experience of using nutritional supplements to help clients return to better health.

As an Applied Kinesiologist, Dr. Margaret tests each food supplement product using an individual’s muscle strength. For example if a patient’s right pectoralis major sternal muscle in the chest/shoulder is weak, as compared with other muscles, she’ll test a number of products to find one or more that strengthens that specific muscle. Because the pectoralis major sternal is related to the liver by its acupuncture meridian, she may choose several forms of Vitamin A, one from Standard Process, others from Thorne and Metagenics. Whichever one strengthens the patient’s weak muscle wins! Then Dr. Margaret uses the same product that strengthened the muscle to be sure the patient is not allergic to it, using NAET muscle testing. If no allergy is found, the patient gets to take it home and use it daily to support the structural and energetic changes done during the office visit.

Dr. Margaret and Laura Knoff primarily recommend food supplements made by Standard Process, Thorne and Metagenics. These three companies sell their products only through healthcare practitioners because they can be misused without experienced guidance.

Standard ProcessThere are a few other companies who make outstanding single products that we use because these three companies do not offer a comparable product. We will give you the on-line links to all these companies, so that you may learn more of their philosophy and manufacturing methods.

In the 1920s scientists were discovering constituents of foods and began naming them A, B, C, D, E, etc. The scientists in the laboratories began to create these constituents chemically. There was disagreement among people at the time as to whether the laboratory-constructed vitamins and minerals were adequate to supplement the foods people were eating. So, the government agreed with the scientists that there needed to be standardization of the vitamins and minerals and a published a recommended daily allowance (RDA) for each constituent. Royal Lee at that time was involved in this controversy and insisted that real, organically grown foods are much better than chemically constructed pills. He felt so strongly about it that he invented a process to prove the point, thus founding Standard Process.

Standard Process differs from the other companies we use in that their products are made mostly from plants and animals grown on the company’s own certified organic farm. The manufacturing process invented by Royal Lee enabled him to concentrate the nutrients and to capture and keep the food’s enzymes and nutritional factors (named and unnamed) intact. Because the nutrients are not man made, the Food and Drug Administration’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) is meaningless. All Standard Process products contain small quantities of the vitamins and minerals, because in their natural state –food – the effect is greater than the sum of its parts. His company is still providing a whole food supplements full of nature’s nutrient complexity. They’ve been in business since 1929 in Palmyra, Wisconsin,

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Thorne and Metagenics products, on the other hand, were made in laboratories. Some of their products contain some herbs, but mostly the constituents of their nutrition products are purchased from chemical suppliers. We use them sparingly and usually for short periods of time, to get a specific job done, because they act like drugs in the body, rather than foods. For instance, if Dr. Margaret finds that a patient is unable to deliver bile from the gall bladder to the small intestine, she may use AF Betafood from Standard Process, until the body has improved the liver and gall bladder function; then she’ll withdraw the product support and see if normal function can be maintained by the body.

Thorne Research

Thorne Research takes its name from one of the company’s goals, to be a thorn in the side of the industry. The founders used to work for another nutrition company and left it because of sloppy manufacturing practices and dishonest labeling. Because their philosophy is to manufacture the purest, highest quality nutritional supplements in the world, they produce only capsules, so as to avoid the problems that arise from fillers, binders and additives. They want their products to be hypoallergenic and safe for all their customers. Thorne has been in business since 1984 and are located in Dover, Idaho,

Because Dr. Margaret is a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, she has access to information and studies by other members. One of her colleagues is Michael Lebowitz, D.C., whose practice is in Colorado. 90% of the supplements used in his practice come from Thorne Research. Beginning in 1989 (the year Dr. Margaret began her chiropractic practice) he designed a double blind study and kept statistics to find out which brand of nutrients his patients could tolerate best and which would perform best clinically. He used seven brands commonly used by physicians, including ones that claim to be hypoallergenic, e.g. 7 different brands of 30 mg. zinc.

Using muscle testing as an evaluation procedure (see example above), Dr. Lebowitz tested them on a given patient and collected stats on how many times each product strengthened weak muscles. His data showed that Thorne supplements strengthened weak muscles 30% more than other brands. Almost every time another brand was positive (strengthened a weak muscle), Thorne’s was also, and many times Thorne was the only brand testing positive.

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MetagenicsMetagenics, as does Thorne Research and Standard Process, practices stringent good manufacturing practices and offers high quality nutritional supplements. Bargain nutritional supplements are often made with low cost ingredients, meaning they do not have the potential to perform as they could in their most efficacious form. Safety and effectiveness is at risk with cheaper ingredients. Metagenics evaluates the effectiveness of their products with human clinical evaluations, the ultimate test of quality and safety. They have an in-house scientific staff using progressive research facilities, a product development laboratory and a clinical research center.  They have been in business since 1989 and located in San Clemente, California,

AquaFloraAqua Flora is a very effective homeopathic liquid that helps get rid of Candida or yeast infections anywhere in the body, even if it is systemic (throughout).

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Feed Your Electromagnetic Body

Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulator (BEMER) is a physical method of stimulating improved microcirculation to enhance individual performance. In the office we use it as a physical therapy modality, offering individual half-hour sessions, or in combination with your regular treatment session with Dr. Margaret. But some of our clients want the increased benefits of daily use by owning a unit themselves Dr. Margaret can sell you one here: