Optimal Wellness Program

Optimal Wellness Program

Winter Session: January - April 2017

Registration Ends January 26, 2017


Dr. Joan Margaret and Laura Knoff, of Labrys Healthcare Circle, are excited to offer “The Optimal Wellness Program" (OWP) - a new approach to "healthcare," as opposed to "crisis care.” With OWP you reclaim your ability, power and right to be healthy.

OWP trusts our natural ability to heal and provides what each of our individually unique bodies needs to fight an illness. Respecting symptoms as our body’s way of communication, this program addresses the root causes of one’s discomfort. This 3-month journey empowers a small group of individuals to make a big change in their health and wellness.

Dr. Margaret is a wholistic doctor of natural healing and founder of Labrys Healthcare Circle.  Laura Knoff is a nutrition educator at Bauman College and consults privately with clients in their offices. Together Dr. Margaret and Laura Knoff bring 50 years of professional expertise and experiential wisdom to create a feminist perspective which is nourishing, nurturing and natural.

The highlights of this program are:

  • Expedient healing over 3 months
  • Working in a small group
  • Individual treatment based on scientific test results
  • One-on-one mentoring as needed
  • Group classes to educate yourself about your body and healthy lifestyle
  • Ongoing inspiration and support through participation in support group

Specialized treatment plan for each participant will address the root causes of their discomforts. Each person will be cared for based on scientific analysis of his/her blood test results, by using a variety of techniques, tools and natural medicine, including, but not limited to:

Registration for the Winter Session is open till January 26, 2017. To know more about this program, or to come in for a one-on-one information session, please contact Kristi at (510) 658-9066 or info@labryshealthcarecircle.com.