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The Labrys Speaks   Volume 8, September, 2002
NAET Way to Resist Cancer
Dying for a Good Night's Sleep?
Healing with Prana
Chickens and Cancer
Nutritional Tidbits: Trans Fatty Acids
Nutritional Tidbits: Heat in Cooking

The Labrys Speaks   Volume 7, April, 2001
Contents: The Wimmin's Buildings Project
A Strong Woman
Release Tension with BGI
Vital Force in Health and Cure
Your Problem Could Be Fungus or Mold
Food Allergies and Weight Loss
Nutrition Tips
We Need a Scent-free Space

The Labrys Speaks   Volume 6, March, 2000 - print only
Contents:   Preventing Osteoporosis
Feminists Buy Women's Buildings
Self-Care for Injuries
A Story of Feminism in Action
Passover Revisited
On the Distinction between Sensitivity and Allergy

The Labrys Speaks   Volume 5, September, 1999 - print only
Contents Eat Well and Reduce Stress
A Curious Complaint and Treatment
A Good Nutritionist Can Save Your Life
Putting Zazen to Work
The Labryses Update
What Exactly is Applied Kinesiology?

The Labrys Speaks   Volume 3, September, 1997 - print only
Contents: Editor's Corner
Use Smart Nutrition - Girlcott Drugs
Estrogen Dominance
Parasites? Eeww!
Facilitators Rather Than Teachers

The Labrys Speaks   Volume 2, September, 1996 - print only
Contents:   Labrys School of Self-Healing Arts for Women and Girls
New Addition to Allergy Elimination called TAT
Heresy and Herstory
Pragmatism and the Ileocecal Valve
Living With the Cure