Joan muscle testing Thank You Dr. Margaret!

I had developed allergies and asthma in my late 20's and they have gotten progressively worse over the past ten years. This last year has been particularly difficult. I was taking medication daily, which I was worried about, and I really regretted having to severely cut back on physical activities.

At the suggestion of a friend I started seeing Dr. Margaret regularly. I noticed a steady improvement in my health. I believed that her work was really improving my health, but there was little skeptic in me that wondered if maybe I was just getting better on my own. Maybe my wanting so much to believe my health was getting better was influencing my evaluation of the results. However, the following situation really changed my mind.

Our 13-year old son, Max, also suffered allergies. He adored cats, but very predictably, after holding one for a few minutes, he would be sneezing and wheezing. At night, when he was asleep, you could hear him wheezing from another room. Every morning he would wake up with prolonged coughing as if he was a long-time smoker.

We were very concerned about his intense sugar craving. We knew all that sugar was bad for his health. And he was beginning to be concerned about being teased at school about his weight. The issue of Max's sugar consumption became a constant battle. We tried everything we knew to deal with the problem, from strict controls, to letting him have anything he wanted in the hopes he would finally be satisfied. (This is a kid who once ate so much candy one Halloween that he threw up and then immediately afterwards continued eating more sweets!)

Having had some success with Dr. Margaret, I set my skepticism aside and had Max give it a try. Is has only been a few months now and we have noticed that Max can play with the cats with little or no allergic reactions. There isn't any coughing in the mornings either. The really amazing change is his sugar cravings. Now he sometimes even FORGETS to ask for dessert! He still loves sweets, which is fine, but they are no longer such a focus for him. In addition to health benefits for him, it is such a relief not to fight about sugar so much anymore. Thank you Dr. Margaret! ~ Lisa Plourde

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