Our Green Business Certification

The Labrys Healthcare Circle workers have made a Green Business Pledge to the Bay Area Green Business Program as part of our certification process:

We believe that a successful business is dependent on a healthy environment. We are actively working to show our environmental responsibility to our community by committing to the following objectives:

    • To comply with all applicable regulations and strive to exceed compliance
    • To conserve energy, water materials and other resources
    • To develop and implement practices that prevent pollution and waste
    • To be an environmentally responsible business within our community
    • To be committed to continuous improvement in the next three years."
Green Business Program

On this last point, we already compost our lunch scraps into a glass jug, which Dr. Margaret takes home weekly to add to the compost bin at her house. We want to move other tenants in Thyme Square (the three office buildings at this address) to become Green businesses.

The biggest change we made in order to qualify for certification was to have four of the fluorescent light fixtures replaced with more efficient fluorescent lighting. The landlord accepted our offer for him to pay half the cost. One of my patients helped Kristi and Dr. Margaret to caulk and paint the ceilings. 

Many of the other suggestions for certification were already in place. The toilet had been recently replaced with a low-flow type. We recycle paper so that both sides are used for printing prior to going into the recycle bin. And of course we turn out the lights in rooms not in use. 

Not having to do with Green certification, but another change in our space happened in 2007. We had an alarm system installed.  While it is another electric appliance that draws electric current, it also gives us all a peaceful sense of security.