Client Forms


Please download the appropriate form and complete it prior to your first appointment with Dr. Margaret. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete and read these forms.

If you are a new patient, please download the new patient packet and complete each form before your appointment with Dr. Margaret. You may fax the documents to the office ahead of your appointment, or bring them in with you.

If you are unfamiliar with downloading files from the Internet, please ask for assistance, or request they be mailed to you ahead of time. After downloading/viewing each form, click your browser’s Back Button to return to this page. Once you’ve completed them, you may also print the files using the “Print” command in your browser’s File Menu, or follow the directions below to fe-mail them to Labrys.

The New Patient Packet includes these documents (updated 01/10/2013) :

Other files Dr. Margaret might request:

Once the forms have been completed you can save them to your computer and then attach them to an e-mail, addressed to, by following these directions:

  • Go to the FILE menu of your browser
  • Select the command “Save page as…”
  • This will open a “Save as…” dialogue window on your computer. Navigate to the place where you want to save the form.
  • Open your e-mail client…Outlook, Apple Mail, et. al.
  • Create a new message and attach the form you just saved to your computer.
  • Fe-mail the form(s) to Labrys.