Leap of Faith

Labrys Healthcare Circle

The Labryses Update, Winter 2011

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by Joan Margaret

Sparkling ideas are being gently blown into flame in the Labrys Healthcare Circle this winter, warming our circle with comfortable excitement.  And our non-profit organization, Associates for Community Education, continues to serve our wimmin’s community as a source of inspiration and fund-raising for female healthcare.

  • Laura Knoff is enjoying the speaking engagements and praise that comes following publication of her second book on healing with foods, The Whole-Foods Guide to Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She also continues as a nutrition teacher at Bauman College in Berkeley, additional to her private nutrition consultation practice at the Labrys Circle.

  • Juliane Barner continues her Jin Shin Jyutsu practice here. For the last two years she has been fortunate to deepen her knowledge of the art in a small mentoring program with a local Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher. Early in 2010 she also enrolled in the American Priestess Program at the Belladonna Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that explores, examines and celebrates women’s ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions.

  • Cait Cain has completed her acupuncture studies and is studying for her licensure exam. As Joan’s apprentice she is practicing Applied Kinesiology, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination and Bio Geometric Integration in the Labrys Circle.

  • Janis Irvin is giving power point presentations about the Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulator (BEMER) and selling them through links found on this website, while ending her job as technician for the Meridian Stress Assessment System (MSAS). She is planning come Spring to retire from her job with a pharmaceutical company.

  • I, Joan Margaret, exchanged one computerized diagnostic tool, the MSAS, for another; the NAETer which is similar but said to be easier to use and not needing a technician to operate. I have been expanding my knowledge in brain health and last year gave workshops with eight strategies on how to “Love Your Brain” to groups of old Lesbians and queer seniors. The handouts from those workshops are available on this web site

During the last two years I have been attending weekend and monthly seminars by Datis Kharrazian, D.C. And this year, Laura Knoff has joined me.  As an example we have learned in detail the mechanisms of the dastardly ill effects of gluten grains on our intestines, brain, glandular and immune systems. We have both been guiding our patients/clients on how to incorporate this very scary knowledge into smooth food changes.

  • Kristi Matthews, office goddess extraordinaire, has taken her first vacation in four years this winter. She has held the office operations together, which has been especially difficult with our changing from PC to Mac computer operations.

  • Pamela Stoneham temporarily stepped into Kristi’s boots as office goddess while Kristi was away. She is a recently certified Medical Assistant and she teaches Improvisation classes and workshops all over the country. She is a multitalented addition to the Labrys Healthcare Circle.

Anything in this basket is yours for a donation to the Women’s Cancer Resource Center and Associates for Community Education.”  This is the sign on the basket you’ll find in Kristi’s room in the center of the suite. We are offering you herbs, food supplements, Traumeel samples and things like that.  It’s popular among those of us who like to browse for bargains.

We continue to improve our office operations as a Green business, while keeping it a scent free space for the safety of ourselves and our clients.  We ask those while in the office to turn off their cell phones. We offer that you read a book in the waiting area with all the references on why: Disconnect by Devra Davis.

A little known fact about these healthcare-talented wimmin is that of the seven of us, five are singers. Kristi sings her original songs accompanying herself with a guitar, a singer-song writer.

Larua, Janis, Joan and Pamela are members of the Organic Women’s Chorus. We enjoy music camp two weekends a year at Women Making Music, where we learn musical instruments and play with art and story telling with improvisation. Ask any of us if you’re interested in joining us.