Associates for Community Education (A.C.E.)

Connective Spiral by JB, DRAGA design

What is ACE?

ACE is the non profit wing of the Labrys Healthcare Circle. We are dedicated to creating educational projects, which focus on women's health.

Women's health is a revolutionary act. Vital health brings clarity. With clarity we can work toward independence, and make positive choices in our lives. We can become healthy enough to be vibrant participants in our local, national and global community.

By prioritizing the concerns of women and girls we all become better agents of change in our lives and in the world. Our projects facilitate women and girls in gaining knowledge of their whole bodies—physical, emotional, spiritual, mental—and to provide tools to become healthier.

Members of our board are: Cait Cain, JB, Laura Knoff, Joan Margaret, and Rainbow Markell.

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We hold workshops, playshops, classes and lecture series, in the Labrys School for Self Healing Arts for Women and Girls.
We publish a newsletter The Labrys Speaks, with copies and articles here on our web site. ACE is a 501c3.


    1. To create a school and publications that will educate us about our health, to relearn the healthcare knowledge of our grandmothers, to nurture and care for each other.
    2. To retain and maintain wholeness and balance using the body's wisdom so that we may better protect ourselves from traumas, toxins and poisons in our lives.
    3. To celebrate our wimmin and girl selves both as students and teachers through sharing knowledge, healing arts and ritual.
    4. To provide a safe and welcoming environment for all wimmin and girls, including older wimmin, wimmin of all cultures, wimmin of all sexual orientations, wimmin in recovery, differently abled wimmin and limited-income wimmin.
    5. To encourage participation in all aspects of ACE, including planning, staffing and leadership, especially lesbians and wimmin of color.